2 G Summary!

flowersWhen will we ever be done with this snow??!!  That’s the big question I have been wondering lately, as I’m sure all of you have been too!  I can’t wait to see some green again!

I am looking forward to our conferences this week parents!  Below is a snapshot of our conference schedule.  Please let me know right away if there are any conflicts and you cannot make it.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 12.45.01 PM

We have just finished our big unit on double and triple digit subtraction with ungrouping (borrowing).  Next we move into time.  Please work with your second grader at home on understanding how to tell time on an analog clock.  They will need to know how to tell time by 5 minute increments.

Another Reading Counts session will be starting up again.  So keep those kiddos reading!  And our spring science units will be starting up too.  The first unit will be on matter – solid, liquid, and gas.  🙂

As you saw from Mrs. Reagan’s letter sent in an email, your student will be piloting the new Common Core Assessment online on March 24-27.  This will give us a lot of feedback on how to prepare for the changes and challenges that this new test will present.  You will also notice coming up, that the requirements for reading levels are going to increase over the next year.  We will be talking about this at your child’s conference, so that you know how to prepare for this with your child.  I will also have tutoring lists available, if you are interested in getting your child some extra help for over the summer.  Several of our teachers from this building are on the list and will be great resources for your child.

As always, I thank you for sending me such wonderful students every day to work with!  This has been one of the best classes ever, and I look forward to seeing the great growth we will have from now until summer!!  See you soon!  Mrs. Q