Reading Counts Winners!!


At the end of each school year, Mrs. VandenBerg (our amazing librarian) pours over the student data to look for those who made their reading goal.  These students are entered into a drawing for a  $25 Target gift card with one winner per class selected.  The Grand Prize this year was a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Case. The GRAND PRIZE WINNER this year:  Milena Sremba from Mr. Gort’s class.

The list of winners is below…and a photo of the winners posted above.  


  • 2nd Greenland – Kacey Schaller
  • 2nd Kuieck – Kendall Peters
  • 2nd Ray – Naomi Malinowski
  • 2nd VanKoevering – Caleb DeHaan
  • 3rd Flory – Isaiah Daniel
  • 3rd McDonald – Kieran Rookus
  • 3rd VanArkel – Mikaela Meyers
  • 3rd VanderStel – Maria Hindeleh
  • 4th Bowen – Dylan Pfeffer
  • 4th Huizenga – Cole Molloseau
  • 4th Kooiker – Finley Jeltema
  • 4th Quigley – Jeyda Bohannon
  • 5th Ball – Gavin Weitzmann
  • 5th Burdis – Nora Klein
  • 5th Gort – Taylor Parkins

Finally, thank you to our PARENT CLUB for sponsoring this event by purchasing the prizes.  Remember, every single parent makes these prizes possible by donating to our annual WALK•A•THON.  These donations fund all the events we hold throughout the school year.

Wow! End of Year Stuff Already!

It’s incredibly unbelievable that we are already winding down to the end of the year!  We have grown so much and come so far!  Some things to note:

5/16 & 17 –        Finish up M-Step!  These guys have done incredible work on this!

5/19                    Last week for library books (Turn in week of 5/22)

5/22                   Field Day Shirt $ Due (Optional! Girls wear gold/yellow, boys wear blue)

5/29                   Memorial Day

6/2                     Talent Show

6/6                     Field Day

6/9                     Last Day (1/2 day)

6/16                   Report Cards

Please send a grocery bag or two to school on the last week, so we can pack up, and get all of our treasures home!  And students who have been using exercise balls to sit on, may need pick up in order to get those home.

It has been a phenomenal year!  Thanks to all parents who have donated time and money to help us out this year.  This is what makes Hudsonville Public Schools one of the best!!


Link Up Concert

Dear Parents,

The Fourth Graders have been preparing since January for an amazing concert they will be attending on Wednesday, April 12. 

The concert is called LINK UP and is sponsored and created by Carnegie Hall in New York City.   Carnegie Hall has partnered with the West Michigan Symphony in Muskegon to bring this exciting interactive concert to fourth graders around west Michigan.  The West Michigan Symphony is one of only a select number of orchestras across the United States chosen to work with Carnegie Hall, so we are so fortunate to be able to be a part of this!

What makes LINK UP so unique is how interactive it is.  Students will be stomping, clapping, singing and playing their recorders right along with the West Michigan Symphony!

We will be leaving school at 9:30 that morning and returning by 2:00.

Your child will need to pack a sack lunch to eat (hopefully) at an area park, or in the classroom upon our return (if it rains) since the students will not be at school for their normal lunchtime.

If you would like to attend this concert with your child, please let your child’s classroom teacher know.  We have a very limited number of chaperone spots, but we would love to have you come experience this!  You won’t want to miss it!

The Count Down Begins!!

Hi Families!  We are counting down the days this week to SPRING BREAK!  And we have some pretty excited kids!  Whether you are traveling or staying at home, I wish everyone a great week off to rest and relax.

Just a couple of reminders:

  1. This Thursday, 3/30, we will be showing the health video at 2 pm.  An email was sent home to let you know of this, with a link for the video should you want to preview it.  If you do not want your child to watch the video at school in their gender group, you may pick your child up early that day prior to 2 pm, or they will have to sit in the office with a book.
  2. We are having a pizza party to celebrate our good math scores and earning 10 “Living Legend” tallies!  Your student may bring in a drink to have with their pizza on Thursday, 3/30.
  3. Finally, as part of this celebration, we have decided to add Fort Day and Electronics to the mix.  Your student may bring in a sheet or blanket to create a fort and their favorite electronic.  (These will be locked up when not using.)  All of this on this Thursday, 3/30!


Happy Spring Break!!

Hand2Hand Food Drive!

We invite you to participate in our spring donation drive to support Hand2Hand — a community program that provides food to families in need through the school year and during the summer months.  This blog post explains the types of donations needed, drop off location and time frame.

Third Annual Valentine’s Holder Contest a Hit!!

Every year these Valentine holders get better and better!  This one, designed by Ben and Mason won “Most Humorous Valentine Holder” award!




This one, designed by Charli, won the award for “Most Creative”!

The media player by Hayley and Avery, as well as the snake, designed by Tegan, won “Most Artistic Valentine Holder”.

But you can see that Alyssa’s roller blade and Evan’s bird were very good too and won “Honorable Mention”.

Here are some others, that all won “Honorable Mentions”!  Everyone did such a great job!  And a big thanks to all the parents who volunteered to make our party a success!!

Great Student Blogs!

Hi Families and Students!  Just a reminder that if you have not been on your student’s blog or their friends in quite a while, you are going to want to check them out!  You can see what books they are reading, how Valentines Day originated and more!  Stay tuned because next students are interviewing each other.  Read on to see what your students are writing about on their blogs these days!

February Update!

Where are you sunshine?!

Last year’s cute holders!

Hi Families!  Just a quick update for the upcoming Valentine’s party!  First,  the party is next Tuesday, Feb. 14 from 2:15 – 3:15.  Students are welcome to bring in their valentine holders any time from now until next week.  We are having a contest for the “Most Creative”, “Most Artistic”, and “Most Humorous” Valentine holders.  This is an optional contest.  If your student is not interested in participating, have them see me for a bag to decorate to hold valentines.  Valentines can be brought in any time, however, we won’t pass them out until the day of the party.

Second, our third round of science is wrapping up this week.  Your student will be tested on the sun and moon unit this Thursday (Feb. 9).

Third, tonight and tomorrow night are Jet’s Pizza nights.  If you call and order a pizza and give them our class name, we might possibly win a pizza party!  We sure could use one!

Happy February!

Welcome to 2017!!!

Welcome back to a new year!  It was a great December, full of celebration and fun! Now, as January chills our bodies, our minds must heat up with lots of new learning!

Math:  We are onto Unit 4, which now combines all four operations (+-x/) in solving story problems.  We are learning beginning algebra and how fun that can be!

Writing:  We continue to write personal essays and we are learning the formal structure that supports writing a good essay.  Literary essays are the final portion of this unit which we are aiming to get to by the end of this month.

Reading:  In combining our unit of informational reading with our social studies unit on government, it makes for some great classroom discussions on how our government works and why we can have faith in it!  We also get to see how informational writing has different structures used to convey information to the reader.

Science:  Mr. Bowen is teaching away on the Sun, Moon, and Earth unit!  Ask your students about what they are learning and let me know if you have any questions!

Keep up that reading every night and MobyMax fluency practice!  We are seeing great gains in all of our students!  Thanks for sending me such a SUPER-DUPER bunch of KIDS!!