The Count Down Begins!!

Hi Families!  We are counting down the days this week to SPRING BREAK!  And we have some pretty excited kids!  Whether you are traveling or staying at home, I wish everyone a great week off to rest and relax.

Just a couple of reminders:

  1. This Thursday, 3/30, we will be showing the health video at 2 pm.  An email was sent home to let you know of this, with a link for the video should you want to preview it.  If you do not want your child to watch the video at school in their gender group, you may pick your child up early that day prior to 2 pm, or they will have to sit in the office with a book.
  2. We are having a pizza party to celebrate our good math scores and earning 10 “Living Legend” tallies!  Your student may bring in a drink to have with their pizza on Thursday, 3/30.
  3. Finally, as part of this celebration, we have decided to add Fort Day and Electronics to the mix.  Your student may bring in a sheet or blanket to create a fort and their favorite electronic.  (These will be locked up when not using.)  All of this on this Thursday, 3/30!


Happy Spring Break!!

Fab Fact Phenoms!!

IMG_5619So far 18 students have made our “Fab Fact Phenom” board in the classroom!!  To be a “Fab Fact Phenom”, you must pass the four divisions of fact fluency on MobyMax!! WAY TO GO YOU PHENOMS!!  Once we all get there, we will have a pizza party to celebrate!! Keep on practicing those facts even after you are on the board!  Do not lose those facts! Keep them fresh in your minds!  🙂

Mrs. Q’s Update 12/3/10

TN_04-09-09_37MBOh the joys of winter weather!  Along with icy roads and freezing temperatures, come lots of winter clothing for students!  Moms and dads, it would sure help me if you could label everything as best as you can!  We have 27 pairs of boots, hats, gloves, scarves, snowpants and jackets!  That’s a lot to keep track of!  One good idea I have seen for hard-to-label items is to use masking or duct tape on the inside and write on that.  Even just initials help us identify whose black snowpants these are!  Also, encouraging your children to zip their own coats helps too.  Second grade is all about encouraging independence, so this is a good place to start!

An announcement to note for next Friday, Dec. 10, is that your students have earned a pizza party!!  I told the class if we could all make our goals for Reading Counts, I would treat them to pizza!  So don’t send a lunch next Friday, unless your little one doesn’t like pizza.  We’ll have pizza, drinks, and watch a special movie for lunch that day!

Our Holiday Party will be held on December 17th, from 1:00 – 2:00.  A red note was sent home about how we are doing our class gift exchange.  You may also check last week’s update if you missed the note.

I sure hope you are enjoying December!  It is easy to get caught up in hub-bub of preparation.  I know I personally, am trying to slow down, enjoy the lights and music, and celebrate the reason for the season!

Happy Holidays!  -Mrs. Q

Class Pizza Party!

TN_pizzaCongratulations!!   Mrs. Q’s class has earned a Pizza Party by having everyone move up a level on Raz Kids!!  We will be having our pizza this Friday, Apr. 23 for lunch!  Your student will not need a lunch that day unless they do not like pizza.  Please be sure to send snacks as usual though!  (We need our energy!)