Great Student Blogs!

Hi Families and Students!  Just a reminder that if you have not been on your student’s blog or their friends in quite a while, you are going to want to check them out!  You can see what books they are reading, how Valentines Day originated and more!  Stay tuned because next students are interviewing each other.  Read on to see what your students are writing about on their blogs these days!


IMG_4548Brendan is a great friend.
His favorite color is yellow.
His favorite sports are soccer and baseball.
His favorite game is ROBLOX PC.
His favorite food is hamburgers.
He loves American grill outs.
He came to Georgetown in 2013, he came from Alward elementary.
He loves to longboard.
His favorite college football team is CMU (Central Michigan University).
His favorite NFL team is Detroit Lions,and love the Detroit Tigers baseball team.
His favorite season is Winter.
He loves math and gym.
He loves to have snow ball wars with friends.

By Logan

Who Mrs. Hagberg Really Is!

IMG_4499Today Riley,the class photographer, and I did a interview on Mrs. Hagberg. And what we found out is the following;
-She has 3 children.
-She has been teaching for 9 years.
-Her favorite color is orange.
-She grew up in Chicago.
-Her favorite sport to play is soccer.
-She wears reading glasses.
-Her favorite restaurant is Roses.
-Her favorite special is Art.
-Her favorite grade to teach is 4th grade!
-Her favorite board game is Settlers of the Cattan.
-She has a calico cat named Thunder.
And last but not least,
-Her favorite type of pattern is polka dots.

By Morgan
Photographed by Rylie IMG_4500 IMG_4503

Mrs Bretz, the Georgetown Music Teacher!

Mrs Bretz is the Georgetown music teacher. And this is the 18th year of her teaching music. She loves music as you can see, since she has been teaching it for 18 years straight. She is a cute, curly-haired red head who is nice to everybody!! I like her extra special because she gives me 3 stars on my report card. Did you know that Mrs Bretz has taught all Hudsonville elementary schools but James town elementary? She has 3 kids and loves them very much.

                      What a great teacher she is!!!

IMG_4012                                                    IMG_4022IMG_4021

                                                                                                                written :Rylie  photographer: Jennifer!