Link Up Concert

Dear Parents,

The Fourth Graders have been preparing since January for an amazing concert they will be attending on Wednesday, April 12. 

The concert is called LINK UP and is sponsored and created by Carnegie Hall in New York City.   Carnegie Hall has partnered with the West Michigan Symphony in Muskegon to bring this exciting interactive concert to fourth graders around west Michigan.  The West Michigan Symphony is one of only a select number of orchestras across the United States chosen to work with Carnegie Hall, so we are so fortunate to be able to be a part of this!

What makes LINK UP so unique is how interactive it is.  Students will be stomping, clapping, singing and playing their recorders right along with the West Michigan Symphony!

We will be leaving school at 9:30 that morning and returning by 2:00.

Your child will need to pack a sack lunch to eat (hopefully) at an area park, or in the classroom upon our return (if it rains) since the students will not be at school for their normal lunchtime.

If you would like to attend this concert with your child, please let your child’s classroom teacher know.  We have a very limited number of chaperone spots, but we would love to have you come experience this!  You won’t want to miss it!

Science Enrichment Week!


Hi there Families and Friends!

We have a great science enrichment week planned for our 4th graders!!  Today, we have presenters coming from the Blandford Nature Center! They will be bringing along some live animals and talking to our students about animal adaptations.

Tomorrow, Tuesday Apr. 19, we take a trip to Hemlock Crossings County Park to study wetlands, forests, and watersheds!

Thursday, Apr. 21, the Hope College Science Department is coming to study about the phases of matter!

Friday, Apr. 22, Consumer’s Energy presents their “EmPowered Kids” program.

It’s going to be a great week!

Article on the Link – Up Concert!

symphonyHello Friends and Families!

What an amazing week it’s been coming back from spring break and having TWO awesome field trips in a row to attend!  First, I want to say “thank you” to the wonderful parent chaperones and regular parents who came with us and helped supervise.  The trip to Grand Rapids Public Museum was a treat, as well as getting to take in the Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium while we were there!  Yesterday, the Link Up Concert with the West Michigan Symphony was a phenomenal experience, and a big shout out to Mrs. Bretz for getting our school involved in that!!  To see more on what the concert was about, just click on the link:

One more thing that I want to comment on is how proud I am of our students for being such great representatives of Georgetown Elementary School through their behavior and respectfulness to everyone around them!  All in all, it’s been a great couple of days learning outside of our classroom!!

Field Trip Reminders!

schoolbusHi Everyone!!  Just a few reminders for our field trip on Thursday!!  We leave at 9 am from our building to head to Klackle’s Orchard on M-57 up in Greenville.  Your child will need a sack lunch (preferably disposable).  Please have your student dress in layers as it will be cooler to start and then should warm up by noon.  Our chaperones will ride the bus with the children.  All other parents can either follow the bus up there, or meet us by 9:45 at the orchard.  We will be heading back to school by 12:30, getting back around 1:15 or so.  It should be a great day!!  Can’t wait!!

Field Trip to DeGraaf Nature Center!

Thanks to all who joined us for a beautiful day at DeGraaf Nature Center!!  We learned about lots of different plants, as well as the parts of a plant.  We also took a walk out on their wonderful paths and learned to spot certain things in the wilderness.  Finally, we got to look at lots of creatures inside the building in cages.  Mrs. Q’s favorite were the owls!  Here are a few pictures from our day!

Classroom Blogger – McKenna!!

Hi!  My name is McKenna and I am the class blogger for this week.  I am going to write some hot stuff in school this week . . .

This week, all the people in Mrs. Quigley’s class are going to save up their DOJO points to get something nice by May 24th.  We picked our chaperones for the field trip to DeGraaf Nature Center, but it you were not picked that is a bummer.  But you are very welcome to come but you have to pay to get in.  We have some very nice and helpful students and some not being so pleasant.  We hope that everyone will be pleasant!

Happy birthday to McKenna!  This week we are celebrating McKenna’s birthday!!!

It’s Back to School – Only 9 Weeks Left!!

Hi Everyone!

Hope your Spring Break was terrific!  Mine was great!  My husband and I hiked Superstition Mountain in Arizona!  For three days, we hiked in the area known as the Superstition Wilderness and had a great time!  I climbed to the top of this mountain!

So as our next science unit begins on Landforms, I will have plenty to share about that!!  I sure hope that everyone had a restful break and is now ready to come back to school and wrap up the year!  I can hardly believe that we have so little time left.  And we have a lot we have to do yet!

Parents, we will be taking a field trip on Thursday, May 9, from 9 – 11:00 am approximately.  We are going to DeGraaf Nature Center for their wildflower class!  I will be picking a few parent chaperones to ride the bus, however, I am sure that if you want to drive yourself, that will not be a problem!  I will ask you to leave other siblings at home so that this will be a special time for you and your child.  A form will be coming home in a week or so to ask if you would like to chaperone!

Our math unit will continue to get more challenging for students as we get into triple digit addition and subtraction.  Most students now understand the re-grouping and un-grouping concepts and can hopefully see that they just keep on going across the problem to add or subtract.  Any extra help at home is so appreciated, as well as, checking over the homework packets to see if your child has done it correctly.  That will give you instant feedback as to where their misunderstandings are.

Reading Counts will wrap up in mid-May and so will Chapter Book Club.  We will no longer have any more Book It calendars (ends at the end of March).  Please, please keep reading with your children!  This is so important, especially over the summer.  Also, now is the time to arrange for a tutor if you haven’t already done so (if you feel your child may need the extra help).  In a previous post, I listed the teachers available for tutoring.  If you can’t find it, shoot me an email.

It’s wonderful to hear the birds singing to us on our way into school now!  I am really looking forward to spring and the warmer weather!  The kids and I will make the most of it!

Happy Spring!   Love, Mrs. Q

Busy Couple of Weeks for Second Graders!!

I can hardly believe that we are already almost halfway through May!  Only a few short precious days before school will be at its end for this year.  I have so enjoyed working with your children!  Each and every one of them is such a delight to know, love, and learn with!

A few upcoming activities to note:

*This Tuesday, May 15th, is our field trip to Pell Greenhouse to learn all about plants, their parts, and how they grow.  All parents are invited, but must drive separately.  Thanks!

*This Thursday, May 17th, is our Just Write Celebration for second grade!  Our writings are up and on display for everyone to see our hard work.  Mr. Ceglarek is coming to be our special guest!

*Monday, May 28th, is Memorial Day – no school.

*Friday, June 8th, is last day of school.

We have a lot of rap-up activities going on right now!  Please be sure to send extra snacks with your students for nourishment, and getting to bed ontime is important too! I know families have so many spring activities and are very busy this time of year. Sticking to routines will be very helpful for your child in finishing out the year.  And one last thing!  I know I have said this before, but please be sure to read with your child over the summer!  It is so important and will help them to not regress with their reading skills!

It has truly been a joy and an honor to work with your child!  Love – Mrs. Q



2 G Summary for 10/8/11!

Wow!  This second grade classroom really rocks!!  We have lots of news for you this week!  First, our field trip to Klackle’s Orchard was really fun this week!  Thank you to all our parents who came along, the official class chaperones and the moms and dads that drove the extra miles to be with us!

We picked apples and pumpkins, took a hay ride, listened to how bees help the apple trees grow apples, and had lots of fun playing on all the cool stuff Klackle’s had for kids to play on.  Mrs. Q even locked her class up in a jail!


Next, on Friday, we had our first Writers’ Celebration!  You will be impressed Moms and Dads when you see how far your student has progressed in their writing in only  5 weeks!  We’ll be sharing lots about our writing during Parent/Teacher conferences coming up on November 7, 8, and 9.  We read each other’s writings and gave constructive feedback to each other.  Then we had a toast to celebrate how far we have come and how far we will go this year!!





2 G Summary! 9/26/11

Hey Everyone!  Happy Sunday/Monday!  This is the 2 G Summary!  My nick name for the second grade update!  I will try to keep you updated each week with what is going on in our classroom!  We have lots to say – so here goes!

First, a big thank you for all of the supplies you have contributed to our classroom!  We could not make it without all of the wonderful donations from our families.  We will put it all to good use for sure!

Next, our Walk-a-Thon was a success on Thursday!  The rain held off and we were able to walk for 45 minutes to an hour!  Most students made their goals they had set for themselves!  Thank you again everyone for your contributions!  These days we are doing more with less and we are very thankful as a staff for your help!  Parents if your student is still collecting money for their packet, they can send it in this week.  (More pictures at the end of the post!)

Third, our field trip news!  I apologize everyone that I have not yet been able to notify those moms/dads that have been chosen as chaperones, due to waiting on background checks to be completed.  I was notified on Friday at the end of the day that those are now complete!  So I will be sending home notices to those parents who are chosen.  The kids and I will pull names from a hat.  Just a note, moms and dads, if you really want to come and you are not chosen, just plan to drive yourself or carpool with a few other moms and meet us there!  You may not be able to ride the hay wagon with us, due to room, however, Klackle’s has a great gift shop and lots of baked goods!  I’m SURE you will find some way to entertain yourselves while you wait for us!  🙂  The field trip is October 4th at Klackle’s Orchard in Greenville.

Now for our subjects we are learning in school!  Thank you for getting those homework packets in on Mondays or sooner!  Reading Counts is off to a good start!  Some answers to questions my wonderful students have asked are as follows:  Yes, books should be sent to school EVERY day.  That way your child can read them during Daily 5.  Yes, every student should be trying to read every night for at least 15 minutes!  The calendars can be sent in on Monday, Oct. 3rd.  And moms and dads, I am reminding your students daily that it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to get their things into their backpacks for school.  🙂  So often I hear, “my mom forgot to put it in.” 🙂

I will be contacting some parents to help on a weekly basis with Reading Counts tests.  I would need these parents to come in on Mondays or Thursdays at 3:00.  Please shoot me an email ( and let me know if this would be something you would like to do! Overall, all subjects are going well.  In math, practicing addition and subtraction facts would be EXTREMELY  helpful.  See the site I have listed under my blogroll for a good site to make your own flash cards.

Ok!  I think I have been very long-winded!!  Sorry about that!  I’ll try to be briefer in the days to come!  Have a great last week of September!        – Mrs. Q