Fall Update

img_0775Here’s What’s Going On!

First and Very Important:

Study today/tonight for our economics test tomorrow!  Lots of vocabulary terms to know and explain.


Halloween Party is October 31, from 2:20 – 3:20 pm.  

Costumes can be brought to school in a bag.  We will dismiss for recess that day at 2 pm so students may go out for recess and/or get their costumes on for the party.  Parents are welcome to set up for the party at that time. Please, no weapons, clowns, or ultra scarey costumes should be worn at school.  Thanks!

Curriculum Update:

Math: Unit 1 test is done.  Data binders should have come home for parents to peruse.  The goal behind these binders is to help your student self-monitor their growth through the year and feel proud of their accomplishments.  We are on to Unit 2, which is multiplication.  Watch for parent explanation sheets of methods to come home.  Hopefully, we may get a few student explanations filmed for the blog too!

Reading: Q is the level your student is considered proficient at this time of year.  Be sure your student is exercising their reading muscles nightly for at least 20-25 minutes!

Writing: We have turned in a published personal narrative and now we are on to our favorite! Writing realistic fiction! Students are off and running, developing characters and believable plots for their stories.

Science: After our econ test, we start our science unit off with the study of matter! We’ve got lots of great hands on experiments coming up!


Just want our parents to know what a great group of kids we are!  We have been getting “Outstanding” Awards from Mrs. Reagan and other teachers, and lots of compliments too!  Everywhere we go, we want to show that we are “Gentle Giants” – leaders who make good choices without needing a lot of reminders.

Have a great few weeks!


Thanks for Coming Parents!

Turkey ClipartThanks a lot for coming to conferences, parents! It was great to see all of you and to meet about your student. I truly believe that one of the elements for student success is the parent/teacher relationship. Once again, please feel free to email me with questions and/or suggestions that will help us continue to make this a great year!

Three things to note for this week:

*Friday is comfy/cozy dress for your upper el student!

*Paper math homework due tomorrow (11/5) and Monday (11/9).

*Spelling quiz this Friday (11/6)!


Halloween Already?!


Hello Families! Where is the time going?! I can’t believe we are approaching Halloween in this next week! We have had some wonderful learning going on and I want to share a few tidbits with you!

Halloween Party!

First, our Halloween party will be held this Thursday, Oct. 29th from 2-3 pm. Parents have been contacted about what to bring. Costumes can be brought to school and will be put on right before the party. Please make sure that nothing resembling a weapon of any sort comes to school. Costumes should not be overly scary. We want to enjoy the fun of dressing up and admiring the characters we transform ourselves into!


Conferences will be taking place November 2-4. Slips have been sent home concerning your time and date of conference. If you have any conflicts, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. I look forward to having the time to talk with you about each one of these special children!


Notes came home this week about setting up individual blogs for each of your children. They are passionate about having a place to share their learning and I can’t wait to get them started! Please know that edublogs creates a very safe place for your student to blog, and it will all go through me. Nothing can be posted without my consent first (including ALL comments). If you have questions, or would like to see a sample, I would be happy to show you at conference time.

Kind and Caring 4th Graders

I just want to take a minute and share with you how kind and caring our 4th graders were today as they helped their bus buddies make a construction paper pumpkin craft. Mrs. Wert’s pre-k class came down today and our class helped them create some art. I saw such kindness and caring in all of the fourth graders! Wow! What a great bunch of kids . . .

I just love fabulous fourth graders . . . .

IMG_6888-2IMG_6906 IMG_6909 IMG_6898IMG_6894 IMG_6895 IMG_6896 IMG_6901-2

Just an Update!

Halloween childrenHi Students and Families!
A few things are coming up on the radar for our 4th Graders here at Georgetown. First just an announcement about our Halloween party. The party will be held on Thursday, Oct. 30th from 2:30-3:30 pm. I want to remind all students that at Georgetown, we have a policy of not bringing any play weapons of any type that go with our costumes to school. I also want to remind 4th Graders not to choose costumes that are overly scary looking. We have younger children that we are bus buddies with and others in the building, and we do not want to make them afraid. So please keep that in mind when choosing a costume for school that day. Finally, students will just bring their costume to school, and we will dress up for the party during our last recess of the day.

Report cards for the first trimester will be coming home that following Monday, November 3. We will also begin parent/teacher conferences that week. I look forward to meeting with all of you wonderful parents about your children. We have such a great group of kids! Georgetown will also be hosting a book fair that week. It will be open during the evening when parents may stop in to shop for books as well.

Lots of fun things to look forward to! Hope everyone has a great rest of their week!
-Mrs. Q

2 G Summary!

flowersWhen will we ever be done with this snow??!!  That’s the big question I have been wondering lately, as I’m sure all of you have been too!  I can’t wait to see some green again!

I am looking forward to our conferences this week parents!  Below is a snapshot of our conference schedule.  Please let me know right away if there are any conflicts and you cannot make it.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 12.45.01 PM

We have just finished our big unit on double and triple digit subtraction with ungrouping (borrowing).  Next we move into time.  Please work with your second grader at home on understanding how to tell time on an analog clock.  They will need to know how to tell time by 5 minute increments.

Another Reading Counts session will be starting up again.  So keep those kiddos reading!  And our spring science units will be starting up too.  The first unit will be on matter – solid, liquid, and gas.  🙂

As you saw from Mrs. Reagan’s letter sent in an email, your student will be piloting the new Common Core Assessment online on March 24-27.  This will give us a lot of feedback on how to prepare for the changes and challenges that this new test will present.  You will also notice coming up, that the requirements for reading levels are going to increase over the next year.  We will be talking about this at your child’s conference, so that you know how to prepare for this with your child.  I will also have tutoring lists available, if you are interested in getting your child some extra help for over the summer.  Several of our teachers from this building are on the list and will be great resources for your child.

As always, I thank you for sending me such wonderful students every day to work with!  This has been one of the best classes ever, and I look forward to seeing the great growth we will have from now until summer!!  See you soon!  Mrs. Q

2 G Summary

Turkey ClipartParents,

It was so nice meeting with every one of you this week!  Thanks for coming in to conferences!  I feel we have such a special class this year!  Please remember that if you felt that you have anything you still need to communicate with me about at any time, you can email me.  Thanks for sending me the best kids in the world!

Also, thanks for supporting our book fair!  The books you buy for the kids and for us, go a long ways in supporting our curriculum and your student’s reading growth.

Have a great week end!

Halloween Party this Thursday!!

pumpkimHi Everyone!  We will be having our Halloween party this Thursday from 2:30 – 3:30!  Students can bring their costumes to school and we will get dressed up for the party during our last recess from 1:45-2:05.  Moms and dads are welcome to come during recess to help set up for the party and to help dress your second grader if necessary due to costume challenges.  🙂  We welcome everyone to come check out the characters that will be hanging out in our classroom!  It should be a “Spook-tacular” time!!

Reminder!  *No school this Friday for students due to records day.  See you next week for Parent-Teacher Conferences!

Parent/Teacher Conferences


Yesterday your student should have come home with a slip of paper stating the day and time of your conference with me next week.  If this day and time does not work for you, please let me know as soon as possible.  I look forward to meeting with you next week!  If you did not see the paper in your student’s mail, or if you have misplaced it, please check the schedule attached.  Have a great week and try not to get blown away!!

conference Scheduling copy


Hi Parents,

We are beginning to get ready for our first set of Parent/Teacher conferences.  These will be held on the nights of Nov.  5, 7, & 8.  Please do me a favor and fill out the Conference Survey Sheet that Mrs. Reagan has put together – Conference Night Preference Survey.   This will ensure that you get the night you need and will help us in planning purposes as we try to get all sibling conferences on the same night.  Thanks so much!