The Count Down Begins!!

Hi Families!  We are counting down the days this week to SPRING BREAK!  And we have some pretty excited kids!  Whether you are traveling or staying at home, I wish everyone a great week off to rest and relax.

Just a couple of reminders:

  1. This Thursday, 3/30, we will be showing the health video at 2 pm.  An email was sent home to let you know of this, with a link for the video should you want to preview it.  If you do not want your child to watch the video at school in their gender group, you may pick your child up early that day prior to 2 pm, or they will have to sit in the office with a book.
  2. We are having a pizza party to celebrate our good math scores and earning 10 “Living Legend” tallies!  Your student may bring in a drink to have with their pizza on Thursday, 3/30.
  3. Finally, as part of this celebration, we have decided to add Fort Day and Electronics to the mix.  Your student may bring in a sheet or blanket to create a fort and their favorite electronic.  (These will be locked up when not using.)  All of this on this Thursday, 3/30!


Happy Spring Break!!

Great Student Blogs!

Hi Families and Students!  Just a reminder that if you have not been on your student’s blog or their friends in quite a while, you are going to want to check them out!  You can see what books they are reading, how Valentines Day originated and more!  Stay tuned because next students are interviewing each other.  Read on to see what your students are writing about on their blogs these days!

A New Way to Study Vocabulary

We have been learning tons of new vocabulary in our economics unit in social studies.  Words like “profit”, “scarcity”, “supply”, “demand”, “consumer”, “producer” and more can be hard to remember. Today we invited Mrs. Huizenga’s class to come and play Quizlet with us, a cool computer game we play in teams to learn the vocab.  Here’s a snippet of what it’s like to play! We have a blast!


Quizlet from Lynn Quigley on Vimeo.


Another Walkathon Success!

Version 3img_7110Last Friday, Sept. 23, 2016 was another great day for the Georgetown Elementary School Walkathon!  Our class walked a minimum of 4 laps per student and with 23 students, we walked more than a total of 92 laps!! And that’s just a minimum! Some kids did more than 4!

Thank you to all of our families who donated to our only fundraiser of the year. Money is still being counted and soon all prizes will be announced! We appreciate all of the extras that the PTC of Georgetown provides for us.  img_6808



One More Week of M-Step!

Thank you for working so hard this last week fourth graders! You can be proud of your stamina and your abilities to think through a long testing process.  This week we conquer math on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Get your sleep both Monday and Tuesday nights and eat a good breakfast! Don’t forget our drum line chant from the Link Up Concert! “Yo! Focus! Con-Cen-Tra-Tion!!”

Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas!!!

snoopyxmasDuring our week before vacation, we are going to show all our holiday spirit!  Each day will have a theme to help you know how to show off your festive side.

  • Monday– Christmas HAT and/or HAIR DAY
  • Tuesday– Christmas SOCK and/or SHIRT DAY
  • Wednesday– Christmas CHOICE DAY – Pick your favorite holiday bling or accessory to wear today!
  • Thursday– RED/GREEN DAY
  • Friday– PAJAMA or UGLY SWEATER DAY (Your Choice)

A Wonderful Walk-a-thon!

IMG_1318It was an absolutely beautiful day for a walk-a-thon this past Thursday, September 24th! Fourth graders headed outside, along with the rest of Georgetown Elementary, and took on the walking path around our playground. Along the way, there were some obstacle courses for the students to challenge themselves with!IMG_1324 IMG_1323 IMG_1322

Many students made at least a mile (4 times around) and some made two miles(8 times around)! Thank you parents, grand-parents, friends and families for supporting Georgetown. Also a big thanks to all of the parents who volunteered or came up just to cheer us on! Once totals are in, I will let you know how we did!

IMG_1317 IMG_1316 IMG_1315 IMG_1314IMG_1326IMG_1319

Odds and Ends!


Hi Fourth Graders and Families,

We are off to a great start! I have lots to talk to you about in this post, and let me begin by thanking you, parents! Thank you for sending me the nicest, kindest, most loving learners in the world! Also, thank you for sending in all of those fabulous supplies that will last in our classroom the year through. I KNOW without a doubt that this will be a terrific year!


Our ONE school fundraiser will be held this coming Thursday, Sept. 24th. Your fourth grader came home with a packet for raising donations. Our goal this year is for each student to contribute $25! Get out there, Mrs. Q’s class, and let’s see if we can win the limo ride!! Be sure to wear comfy clothes (ninja eagles, right guys?!) and tennis shoes on Thursday and bring a water bottle for the walkathon.

Pictures on Monday 9/21

Put your best shirt on and do your hair for your fourth grade picture! We will have them taken sometime in the morning this coming Monday.


Your fourth grader will be coming home with math homework MOST Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It is always due the next day. Reading for 30 minutes, five nights a week is a must as well. Check the twitter feed on the left side of this page for homework assignments. Students should be writing down their reading times at night on sticky notes to bring to school, so they can write their times on their book logs here at school.

I think that is everything for right now! Have a great weekend! -Mrs. Q

Test Friday

imgresFriday we are going to have a test so you better be ready and start to study! Also you might want your parents to test you to make you feel like you are doing a real test. Also if you don’t study then you might get it wrong.

By Sophia and Coen

*Note from Mrs. Q:  This test will be over our Unit 8 math curriculum on angles, lines, and triangles and quadrilaterals.