Great Student Blogs!

Hi Families and Students!  Just a reminder that if you have not been on your student’s blog or their friends in quite a while, you are going to want to check them out!  You can see what books they are reading, how Valentines Day originated and more!  Stay tuned because next students are interviewing each other.  Read on to see what your students are writing about on their blogs these days!

4th Grade Blogging Fever!!

Hi Friends and Family,

We have started to blog!! Check out our awesome blogs by scrolling down under “Class Blogs” (located under school calendar) and click on your favorite 4th grader’s blog. We are going to showcase our interests and learning this year on our blogs and share them with friends from around the world! Feel free to leave a comment or two! We LOVE to get feedback on what we are doing!

For more on blogging, watch the video below!

Student Blogs Coming Soon!!

kidsSoon you will see a new feature attached to our classroom blog: individual student blogs!  The purpose of this activity is to promote connective reading and writing, cooperative learning, and responsible digital citizenship.   Our students are excited to have a platform in which to share their learning, talents, and abilities with other students.

Parent Permission & Guidelines

A letter was sent home yesterday explaining our new student blogs.  In order for your student to participate, please read through the letter, as well as, the student rules for blogging.  Be sure to discuss with your student why these rules are important.  Please read both copies, sign them, and send them back in to school.  We can’t wait to get started!!

What Are You Thankful For?

Have you ever wondered how Thanksgiving got started? I know that you know the story of the first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and the Indians, however, there is more to it than that! Did you know that for a while, there were several Thanksgiving days in the year! Click on the DOGO site and watch the video on the history of Thanksgiving. Then write a blog post telling what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving! Be sure to find some turkey or fun Thanksgiving clipart to embellish your post!

Field Day [:

gymshoesField Day is coming up June 2!  We will be doing many activities at the middle school football field.  We have one specific activity with 7 girls from our class and 7 boys from our class.  We will be playing tug of war and we have one with a partner for a variety of buddy related activities.  We all hopefully have found a companion for that activity.   Also, we do solo activities where we try to beat other competitors, and if too many people sign-up, you do it before field day to see who does it.  We have a time limit at every station of fun.  That’s why we can’t have too many people, but if we did have to many people, no one would get to do it.   It’s going to be a great day!!

*Note from Mrs. Q:  Please be sure to have a water bottle, sunscreen, and tennis shoes for that day.  Dress appropriately for lots of physical activity!  You will need a sack lunch for that day as well! 

by: Coen, and Talia!

Mileage Club

IMG_0014An event for our school is Mileage Club. Through prizes and popsicles we run miles on the track and in the gym.  You are able to challenge yourself to twenty miles (80 laps around the track.) You earn an extra recess and a popsicle party with the others who earned it! If you run ten miles or more, you get entered into a drawing. This year they added Dairy Friends, which are stuffed animals related to dairy products. As a tradition, we have been doing this for eight years and our gym teacher has been teaching us well.   We push to challenge to win drawings and cool prizes!  Each lap around the track is a quarter mile, and since we have been learning fractions, we know it means 1/4! We might get tired but as we found out, Maddie in our class, has earned 8 sticks, so 2 miles sticks are simply just popsicle sticks with stamps that say our school name.  Each stick represents 1 lap around the track, located by one of our schools playground and 4 laps equals one mile! Maddie likes soccer, so running is a nice thing to do for her and her practice.  So even though you might not love running or don’t have Mileage Club at your school it’s still nice to get out once in a while and jog as an award.  You will be very proud and push to the limits as we have been taught well by our gym teacher.  Just remember:

“Most of the important things in the whole world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

-Dale Carnegie

By Bethany and Jennifer with help from Maddie with her facts and Talia who interviewed her.

Non fiction writing

quetzalThere have been many interesting topics for non fiction writing that have been written in this classroom. Some of the topics are polar bears, spider monkeys, skiing, tigers, bears,and many more. They are due today (Wednesday) and some people are bringing them home for homework today and some people brought them home yesterday. Most people are done and they all have turned out great!

By: Mary and Ava.

Gaga Ball pit

Everyone in Georgetown has been raising money for a gaga ball pit. We raised so much money that we are building 2 of them. And next year we are going to start raising more money for another gaga ball pit. Currently we have 1 on the 4th and 5th grade playground and Mr.Rob is building 1 on the kindergarten and 1st grade playground. Then if we raise enough money next year  the gaga ball pit will be built on the 2nd and 3rd grade playground. So then we will have 1 gaga ball pit on every playground. But ONLY if we raise enough money!

By: Mary and Ava.

IMG_4977 IMG_4978

Talent Show!

Talent show                        

   At Georgetown Elementary a tradition of ours is a talent show! We always have it the day before spring break to have a fun day to remember. During the show, we have acts performed by students third grade to fifth. Prior to the show, students had auditioned their fantastic performances to the music teacher, Mrs.Bretz. With practice and lots of hope, we have them perform in front of the school. So not only is it grand to perform, it’s a pretty confident thing to perform in front of so many people! To be fair, we don’t choose the best acts or anything. People put hard work into the Talent Show.. The whole school actually works hard hard for the whole talent show! Every year it turns into nice entertainment for all students to watch! Everyone enjoys watching the fantastic performances and MC’s jokes and riddles all formed into a show! It’s a big talent palooza you don’t want to miss! What’s great about it is that we have a great time performing!

By Jennifer


Here is last year’s talent show!

Regions Project

Lately we’ve been doing our regions projects on google slides, and over the weekend our parents checked it over, and helped us improve. We will be getting our presentations checked and graded, and I hope we all get good grades. Cause all of you are absolutely awesome!! At least that’s my opinion. And if you’re not done, GET ON GOOGLE SLIDES AT HOME!!!!! The regions we have are southeast, southwest, midwest, west, and northeast. Here’s a picture of one of the west regions packets.

IMG_4950 By McKenna