Welcome Back to a Great Year!!!


Open House!

Tuesday, August 30th from 6:30- 7:30! Can’t wait to meet all of my new students and their families! Stop in to see what’s in store for our year in school and get a sneak peek of your new room and the new hallway.  Feel free to bring in any supplies you may have already gotten and “lighten your load” on the first day!  It’s going to be a great year!!

Stop the “Summer Slide”!!

slideHave you ever heard the phrase ‘summer slide’?  It refers to the loss of learning that can take place when skills are not practiced over the summer.    We want everyone to keep their learning brains turned on by spending a 10-50 minutes every day practicing math facts and reading.  To determine the appropriate minimum number of minutes/day for your child, multiple their grade level by 10.  For example, a first grader would spend a minimum of 10 minutes — 5 minutes on math and 5 minutes on reading.

Our school has a login for all students on MOBYMAX –  an excellent online tool for all content areas.  If your child has forgotten their password/login, email me.

On Mobymax, I recommend the following:

  • Grade K:  Number Sense, Alphabet and Reading Trio
  • Grade 1:  Number Sense (review), Math Fact Fluency and Reading Trio
  • Grade 2-5:  Math Fact Fluency (keep those facts fresh) and any of the other applications on the site.

Also, if you would like to track reading minutes over the summer, this counts too.  Simply log into this form once a week to tell me how many minutes per week or per month you are reading.  Summer learning contest ends on August 20.

All students who participate in summer learning entered into a drawing


Finally, Mrs. Vandenberg, our librarian, would love to have post photos of you reading over the summer.  If you have a photo of your reading during vacation, send her the photo at jvandenb@hpseagles.net

Hope your July is going well!

Back to School Shopping!

backtoschoolHi Parents and Fourth Graders!  Just wanted to make a mention that if you have not checked out the “School Supplies 2016/17” page at the top  of our blog, you are going to want to, now that all the school supplies sales are beginning at our local stores!  So just click on over there and you will see all of the things we will be needing for our new school year.  Happy shopping and see you all soon in the last week of August for Open House!

Welcome Fourth Graders of 2016/17!!

Welcome new Fourth Graders!!  I am so excited to be your 4th grade teacher! It’s going to be a great year in fourth grade!  We do LOTS of fun and exciting stuff!

Keep your eye on this blog throughout the summer.  In July, I will post a list of school supplies that you will want to get.  We post this in July when most of the stores start putting their school supplies on sale, so you can get the good deals.

Two more reminders: 1) don’t forget to get on Mobymax and Study Island over the summer to practice all areas of our curriculum and 2) don’t forget to read!!  Feel free to check out all of the sites listed at the bottom of this blog as well.  I have lots of cool stuff to check out!!

AND I hope to see you up here in the library over the summer on Tuesdays from 10 – 12:00 noon!! I will be working in the library on Tuesday, July 19th! I look forward to meeting you!

Happy Summer!!   Love, Mrs. Quigley

Summer Library!

childrenHi Gang! Don’t forget that you can come up here on Tuesday mornings from 10-12 to the Georgetown Summer Library Program! We’ve got lots of books here that you haven’t read, so come on up and take advantage of it!  Another perk is that you may run into friends or teachers from school! I will be working the library on July 19! So come on up, as many of you that can, and we’ll have a small reunion in the library!

A Fond Farewell!

sorryI really can’t express enough of what an exceptional class this was!  Thank you to each and every one of you for putting your best forward in school this year.  Much was accomplished.  Hopefully, you could see and feel yourself learning and growing to the best of your ability.

And parents, thank you for sending me such great kids and trusting me with them each and every day! Thanks for all the donations of time, money, supplies and treats! Hudsonville has a strong educational reputation. I’ve heard said it’s because of teachers, but honestly, it’s truly because of parents who care. Thank you for being good parents. And thank you for all you do to support education on a daily basis.

I will truly miss these kids. I wish you all a restful summer! And I will see everyone back here in the fall!   -Love, Mrs. Q

Mini Market

We had such a great learning experience at our mini market this last Wednesday! Our sports bracelet team only made a small number of sports bracelets. The class REALLY learned the concept of supply and demand and how that drives the price up (or down!) because EVERYBODY wanted one!IMG_0249

The students came up with some great products and we had a great time buying things from each other with our behavior bucks! Our profit was spent on ice cream sundaes on the last day of school. (Not really, because Mrs. Q just said, “Take those behavior bucks home!”) Overall, we found that economics can be a very interesting subject!

IMG_0225 IMG_0243 IMG_0247 IMG_0248IMG_0250 IMG_0251 IMG_0252

Talent Show Auditions!

Hi Friends! If any of you are looking to find out if you made the talent show auditions or not, check this link  http://mrsbretzmusicroom.blogspot.com/ to see if you made it.  Mrs. Bretz is planning to post results on her blog sometime today! So check it out and good luck!!!  Check this link too: https://georgetown.edublogs.org/files/2016/05/2016TalentShow-1m6y4m3.pdf.

Only 2 Weeks Left!


Happy Memorial Day everyone! It’s hard to believe that the end of the year is already upon us! I will be so sad to see this year end! We have had an amazing year together and have learned so much.  I am very proud of these fourth graders.  TN_heart-blue-background-102

We have a few dates to note coming up!

This Friday, May 27th is technology day! Everyone may bring their favorite technology to school!  We will keep these devices locked up in between times, and students must have your permission to bring them to school.

Last spelling quiz this Friday as well!

June 2 is the Georgetown Talent Show!  Watch for the video coming out on our school blog of the show!

Field Day is June 7th, with a rain date of June 8th. We will be out on the football field all day that day so dress accordingly and bring GIANT water bottles and sunscreen!  Your student will also need a sack lunch that day.  Last day to order those through food service is this Friday, May 27th, if you don’t send a lunch from home.  Boys wear orange t-shirts that day, and girls wear pink.

Stay tuned for more details coming up!!



One More Week of M-Step!

Thank you for working so hard this last week fourth graders! You can be proud of your stamina and your abilities to think through a long testing process.  This week we conquer math on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Get your sleep both Monday and Tuesday nights and eat a good breakfast! Don’t forget our drum line chant from the Link Up Concert! “Yo! Focus! Con-Cen-Tra-Tion!!”